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And it's really the same with all the different forms of astrology. I have cleaned up after evolutionary astrologers who've done damage with terrible, disempowering, shaming readings. Similarly, I have cleaned up after astrologers in almost every tradition who did the same thing, including Hellenistic astrology, or people using the whole sign system. It's a question of the philosophy, the attitude, the values and the love that we bring to bear.

House (astrology)

That's really what it all comes down to. Astrologers can use astrology in a power trip, essentially, and again, I've seen that in every tradition. It comes down to whether we leave the client empowered or scared and shamed and defeated. It's an amazing philosophical meditation if we stop and reflect on this for a moment. I start with the observation that Hellenistic astrology and whole sign approaches, that they work.

Hermetic Influence

They produce good results. I might add, Vedic astrology, which is using an entirely different zodiac similar to Sidereal Western astrology, based on the constellations rather than the signs.

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Kind of a whole subject, but the whole point is they're different. We're talking about entirely different systems of astrology that all seem to work, and we reflect on that and it's like, how can that be? We're so used to the idea that one system would be true and so the other systems must not be true.

But it doesn't seem to work that way.

Steven Forrest on Using Whole Sign Houses

It's like the universe is speaking some kind of elastic, flexible language to us. There's an astrologer up in the Pacific Northwest named Diana Stone who once gave a terrific lecture at the NORWAC Conference in Seattle, in which she made the point that all we have to do is recognize that the divine — call it God — speaks many languages. And we just have to make an arrangement with the divine and say, "I wanna speak Hellenistic," or, "I want to speak evolutionary. I told you it was over-simplified, but you get the picture.

One of the biggest bones of contention among astrologers can be what House System to use.

Whole Sign House System - The Astrology Dictionary

Most Western astrologers use what is called the Placidus House System. Whole Sign Houses is a much more ancient technique, and I find I get better overall results using it. If you start getting terrible headaches accompanied by mood swings, go with the doctor who recommends an MRI to check for frontal lobe damage… not the one who says your humours are unbalanced and starts putting leeches on you.

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In the above example, all of Taurus is the First House, and you go around the Zodiac with one Sign equalling one House. This means that in the above example, the Tenth House is Aquarius, and the Midheaven is a point in the Ninth House… which really freaks some people out who are used to Placidus Houses. I have come to the conclusion that Placidus Houses do have their usefulness, but that it is often more psychological than observable.

For example: Venus in the 7th House can indicate someone who has pleasant long-term relationships and benefits from them, often even when they are over.

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Traditionally, Mars in the 1st represents someone who tends to be be assertive in their movements and actions, and a 12th House Mars tends to be shy and retiring. Pause while the half dozen or so mutual Facebook friends of AT and myself roll around on the floor laughing.

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