Two full moons in one month astrology

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We had a new moon in Cancer at the very beginning of the month on Jul.

And now, we're wrapping things up with yet another new moon this month on Jul. But what does it mean to have two new moons in a month? Unlike July's earlier new moon in Cancer, the Jul.

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It's offering us some fresh-start energy, an auspicious chance to integrate some of the recent astrological lessons learned, and a fertile patch of soil in which you can plant some energetic seeds when it comes to creative passion projects — and its energy is even stronger due to the fact that it's both a super moon and a black moon. You've probably heard the term "once in a blue moon" to refer to something that doesn't happen very often, and that isn't just a random idiom: It's actually based on astrology.

Usually we have only one full moon a month, but if that occurs in the first couple of days of the month the next full moon may be in the same month depending upon its length. For this reason a calendrical blue moon is more likely to occur in a month with thirty-one days than thirty days, and these blue moons never occur in February as it only has twenty-nine days at the most, which is not long enough for a complete moon cycle. This type of blue moon does not have astrological significance as calendar months are a human-made concept and for something to have significance it needs to be astrologically self-referential.

Nothing has yet convinced me that a second full month in a month shaped by an inflated ego would have more astrological significance!

What is a blue moon?

Furthermore, not all parts of the world use the Gregorian calendar and even in those that do, the existence of different time zones means some areas may have a calendrical blue moon on the last day of a month whilst in another zone it falls on the first day of the next month and is not therefore blue. For something to have an astrological impact it needs to be astrologically consistent across the board that is, astrologically self-referential. A seasonal blue moon occurs when there are four instead of three full moons in one season of a tropical year a tropical year being the time the Sun takes to travel from the vernal equinox point around the zodiac then back to the vernal equinox point again, from an earthbound perspective.

The third of those four moons is called a blue moon. The third of four full moons is designated a blue moon to preserve the name of the final full moon marking the end of a season. An argument in favour of giving astrological significance to such a moon certainly has more validity than a calendrical blue moon given its relationship to the tropical year.

Astrology for the month of March, based on the aspects formed by the two full moons of March 2018

However, every seasonal blue moon occurs around the time of an astrological blue moon which, in my experience, has a stronger and more significant effect. Sometimes seasonal and astrological blue moons occur simultaneously i. As I mentioned earlier, an astrological blue moon is the most important. The second of those moons is a blue moon. Because a full moon occurs when the moon is opposite the sun, the full moons both occur in the same sign as each other.

What is a blue moon and how often does it occur?

Astrological blue moons occur roughly every three years and are always preceded a month earlier by a full moon in the first one or two degrees of the same zodiac sign. Ordinarily, and in very general terms, a full moon is a time of fruition and fulfilment, when actions taken, commitments and decisions made, bear fruit. The nature of this fruit reflects how effective our efforts and clear our intentions have been.

In the light of a full moon we may see with great clarity how past actions have shaped our present, making connections and reaping results both anticipated and otherwise. The cycles which culminate at a full moon are not necessarily connected only with that moon cycle but may have developed over the course of many weeks, months or years. Every full moon has a deeply personal significance different for each individual, alongside its more general collective significance.

Energy at a full moon is heightened favouring activity and effort, in contrast to the dark of a new moon when energy levels are low and the natural tendency is to retreat into stillness as a new cycle is born. An astrological blue moon is a full moon amplified. Think of it as the final creative flourish that competes a masterpiece; the finale of an opera that leaves the audience breathless with excitement and emotion; the last minute rush to meet a deadline which changes our life.

If we decide to use the energy of a blue moon to our advantage we can achieve great things with it. Moon cycles are woven through our lives in complex ways that can be unravelled and understood through natal chart analysis. You simply have to stop and take a good, honest look at your life at the time of the full moon prior to the blue one. Noticing the Pattern Below are tables of the various types of Blue Moon dates to ponder.

These tables clearly show the pattern of about 33 months for all the above variations, except for the one that has to do with seeing the Moon through smoke. One way to work with this information and the dates below is to notice if any of these Timings were especially significant in your personal experience. Also worth noticing is if there were significant events in the world that happened around any of the prior so-called Blue Moon times? In tracking this personally, I had a profound experience with a group down in Peru during the December Full Moon — Blue Moon of four Full Moons in a season see table below that was beyond the beyond of anything I had experienced previously.

In July , there were two consecutive Full Moons in a calendar month. At the time of the second Full Moon during another Full Moon ceremony I was a part of, I had an illumination about a personal situation that had been especially challenging. This Timing also coincided with a powerful Pluto transit to my natal Moon, so the Full Moon activation was a part of that cycle and it turned out to be a further catalyst for an initiatory process I was already experiencing, meaning the two factors were working together to help support my journey and may not have had anything to do with the fact that it was the second Full Moon of the month.

Knowing your cycles and participating in Full Moon ceremonies can help further what ever initiation cycles are going on for you. I have noticed if the Full Moon activates a personal part of my own chart regardless of whether it is a so-called Blue Moon it is extra powerful for me. Shamanically speaking this suggests the potency of the Full Moon Window lasts for at least three days.

The Hawaiians use 29 and sometimes 30 phases of the Moon, giving each phase its own special name and indications like when it was a good time to fish, or to plant, or to get married, or to stay home.

The Full Hunter's Moon: Full Moon for October | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Is 12 or 13 the Most Sacred Number of the Moon? In recent years, there have been many articles and books claiming that the number 13 is the most sacred number for the Moon. However, the Moon actually intimately connects with the numbers 12, 13 and If you are tracking the Moon return to a certain zodiacal degree, say zero Capricorn, it will return to that degree every If you divide That means the Moon will cross that point or any other starting point 13 times each year.

That is why there are 12 months moonths in a year. It is important to realize the number 13 for the Moon is NOT what most people think it is. There are NOT 13 Full Moons every year regardless of whether you are tracking a calendar year, or a seasonal year — from one December Solstice to the next.

The Blue Moon Rises At 5:11 P.M. ET on May 18

Actually more often than not there are only 12 Full Moons a year. That is why both 12 and 13 are sacred numbers, or sacred patterns for the Moon. Additionally, the 19 year pattern or cycle of the Moon is significant to our personal experience especially when we are turning 19, 38, 57, 76, and This 19 year Moon cycle is related to the Nodes of the Moon and the Eclipses.

The point here is that there is more than one sacred number for the Moon, as the Moon has many patterns that are worth knowing and understanding, because these patterns do play out in our personal and collective experience. The Tables Below show the patterns of the Full Moon occurring about every three years no matter what pattern you are tracking.

How to Get the Best Out of a Blue Moon!

Full Moon — Eclipse. Feb 19 Full Moon.

Mar 20 Apr 19 May 18 Jun 17 Jul 16 Aug 15 Oct 13 Nov 12 Hi Cayelin… great article!!! Janet Booth on July 22, at am Hi, Cayelin — I enjoy your newsletters and was glad to see you explain the difference between the true origin of the term blue moon and the more common erroneous interpretation in use today. Each of the full moons had a name and a place in its season. When there was an extra full moon in winter, it affected the timing of Lent and Easter which is defined as the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. Thus, a blue moon does occur in a season with four full moons but it is NOT the fourth full moon, rather the third in the season.

This method keeps the seasonal full moon names on track. The seasonal type occurs five times in a dozen years using the 3rd of 4 in season definition : Nov. Janet Booth.

two full moons in one month astrology Two full moons in one month astrology
two full moons in one month astrology Two full moons in one month astrology
two full moons in one month astrology Two full moons in one month astrology
two full moons in one month astrology Two full moons in one month astrology
two full moons in one month astrology Two full moons in one month astrology
two full moons in one month astrology Two full moons in one month astrology
two full moons in one month astrology Two full moons in one month astrology
two full moons in one month astrology Two full moons in one month astrology
Two full moons in one month astrology

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