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It has a period of years, days. It was named for Huya, a god of the Wayuu Indians of northwestern Venezuela and northeastern Colombia who is associated with the rainy season.

Astrologically, Huya pronounced hoo-YAH seems to signify service, awareness of something missing, environmentalism, failure to pay attention. Tabloid TV journalist turned conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly has Huya sextile Nabokov cheating , Lancelot caught with one's pants down , Herakleitos a question of character , and Sekhmet zeal in activity ; trine Standing Bear belligerence and Petronius that which is the fashion or the custom ; quincunx Venus values, righteous indignation ; and opposite Jupiter philosophy.

Taco Ockerse born July 21, , in Jakarta, Indonesia is a German musician who specializes in swing and soul. In the early s he aired in the US videos of his Irving Berlin cover tunes like "Puttin' On The Ritz" and "Let's Face The Music And Dance" in a tuxedo, foreshadowing the acceptability that such music has obtained among young people as well as their grandparents' and great-grandparents' generations.

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Taco's Huya is sextile Okyrhoe taking criticism and trine Hidalgo putting something forward, ambition. Illinois zoophile Kevin McAfee, who has been jailed, accused of sexually assaulting numerous horses in his area, has Huya sextile Caesar desire for dominance and opposite Dioretsa wrong action. When the Supreme Court handed down its decision in the case of Lawrence vs. Texas invalidating America's sodomy laws on June 26, , Huya was sextile BU48 the way things are , square Nessus trespass of boundaries , and trine Mercury speech, writing.

Theodore Kaczynski aka The Unabomber has a yod involving Huya conjunct Walpurga the bogeyman, the face of evil [to some, anyway]--out in the wilds of Montana ; Tara smoothly flowing , and D'Artagnan, all quincunx Fox wiliness and Hidalgo to protect, to defend, to promote going one way and Wil will and Lacrimosa something regrettable, something to cry about the other.

Huya and Walpurga and Tara and D'Artagnan also form a Kite with: Wood the woods; wishes , Mallory doing something because one feels one can; a fatal slip, that is, publishing his manifesto , Pinocchio Kaczynski wrote freely about minor crimes against the environment like littering--so much for that rationale for his actions , Industria hard at work [in the wilderness]; attitudes toward industry , Flammeus, Tithonus in a deteriorated or decrepit condition; having been at something too long , Phaethon out of control, out of one's mind , Patientia, and Torricelli stirring up trouble, in deep doo-doo.

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Huya and Walpurga, Tara, and D'Artagnan all form a Cardinal T-square, too, with Pest disease [of the mental kind] , Dioretsa feeling like something has to be gotten rid of; action taken while impaired; what one does "sticking" or rebounding upon one's head , both square Huya and Leviathan monsters arising from the depths, as it were opposite Huya.

Huya also aspects Harris snapping, being pushed too far or portraying oneself as having been pushed too far, a murderous rampage and Samadhi feeling, or not feeling, connected within a 1 00' orb.

Juno giving one's power away trines Huya within a 1 00' orb. Bill Clinton, as president, greatly expanded the US national park system, and attempted to close large and relatively unspoiled sections of existing parklands to development.

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Sometimes, as in the case of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah, he found it necessary to sneak the acts authorizing the creation of these parklands past hostile Republican members of Congress and corporate interests. His stewardship of the environment generated a lot of resentment in some quarters--a facet of the political opposition to him. He has Huya conjunct Gorky "bitter" in Russian , Dali something surreal , and Tezcatlipoca taking without giving , which are involved in a yod with Pittsburghia taking something seriously; business interests and with Fox. Also, Huya semisextiles Vicia viciousness , Uranus broadcasting, activism , and Antenor seen as subversion ; sextiles Munchhausen whoppers--that is, the myths promoted by the Right about Clinton's agenda ; squares Ward guardianship or stewardship and Cuvier named for French biologist Georges Cuvier, who realized that species can and do become extinct ; and trines Hammurabi a harsh or antiquated code of conduct.

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It was spotted without being identified in October of It reached the perihelion in September of also in December of It reached the aphelion in November of also in January of It has a perihelion of The semimajor axis is at It has an orbital period of years and days. It has a diameter of about km. Orbital resonance: with Uranus Etiquetas: TZ85 , scattered disc object , scattered disc object with very high aphelion. Monday, 21 May CN23, awareness and search for solutions to the problem of environmental toxicity, difficult to detect or to evaluate.

There are prediscovery images back to May of , February of and May of It was spotted without being identified in February of It reached the perihelion in January of also in September of It reached the aphelion in April of also in November of Like TA, it is part of the group of centaurs with orbits located between the zone of orbital piercing form Saturn towards Uranus and the zone of orbital piercig from Uranus towards Neptune.


It has an orbital period of 66 years and days. It has an inclination of Etiquetas: CN23 , Bienor , centaur. For most of the 20th century, HE79 has been in square with Neptune, in a similar way as the sextile between Pluto and Neptune.

Etiquetas: HE79 , Neptune , plutino. Tuesday, 6 March HE79, good will and predisposition to improve.

huya astrology meaning Huya astrology meaning
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